A transparent social platform that makes investing easy. For everyone.

No financial expertise needed, no stash loads of cash. Just a desire to learn and earn.

Sea Walnut is a social platform for users to share investment information

Our data helps you validate your idea by showing you what percentage of users think you should buy or sell
  • Transparent
    • Every user has equal access to all investment data
  • Impartial
    • Ratings are based on performance, not $$ value
  • Thematic
    • Create baskets of related stocks to invest in ideas and trends
  • Crowd Source
    • Collaborate with users to build and customize portfolios

Shape The Future of Finance

Your ideas can change the way people invest. Our platform provides the structure, but our users shape our community. We will evolve based on your demands.

Problems We Solve

  • Mistrust: Information from financial institutions has hidden agendas and a lack of transparency.
  • Limited Reach: Investment advice, unlike other information, has not gone global. Too many people are limited to the financial institutions near them.
  • Scattered Sources: There is no unified source for investment information, no place to validate your ideas based on aggregate investment knowledge.
  • Complexity: Complex financial terms and the fear of risky investments scare people away, despite the range of products the industry offers.


Sea Walnut provides equal access to ideas for how to invest your money. We believe investment information should be shared globally, and not limited to institutions. People’s ideas fuel our community, and Sea Walnut builds on that to create a new way of investing, with trust and transparency.